Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

With the awareness that one of our fundamental strengths leading us to success in the fulfillment of the group’s strategies and objectives is our employees, it is to develop and implement human resources strategies that create value, and to plan our future by scaling the contribution of these strategies to the company for successful business outcomes.
Employment and Assignment

It is our primary responsibility to become an organization implementing employment procedures which support recruitment of candidates suitable for the business processes and development of such candidates, and which reinforce the future workforce planning that will make our group preferable by the candidates and enable the selection of skilled workforce in accordance with the corporate culture and values of the group.

The objective is to conduct business by selecting the candidates that best suit the needs of the group with the philosophy of “a company where the right people work in the right positions” and to carry our group into the future by investing in people.

Continuous Learning and Development

Our main objective is to develop a corporate culture, which supports employees' continuous learning and development.

The company’s processes, the position and the organization are relayed through the Orientation Program in order to enable our newly hired employees adapt to corporate culture and start working in a short span of time.

Employees are supported by competence and development programs, which are renewed and adapted in line with business strategies and which meet changing business requirements.

Performance Management is conducted as a process ensuring that employee performance is continually improved in line with company objectives.

In this system, which is based on Objective and Competence Evaluation, employees are evaluated annually, and the system’s objective is to contribute to wage, career planning and educational development processes.

The employees that display high performance and potential are included in the development program for leadership positions within the scope of career planning.

Motivation and Rewarding

Enabling employees to work in a jubilant and secure business environment raise corporate and individual success.

Sustaining work-private life balance of our employees and rewarding their success is one of the main responsibilities of human resources in order to achieve the group's future objectives and increase employee loyalty.

Our goal is to create a business environment, which will promote our employees’ trust to our organization, by applying Human Resources policies that are in line with international standards.

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