About Us

Our Mining Group Companies created awareness by extending the business out of the boundaries of Turkey with company knowledge, experience, up-to-date technological methods and competent human resources in the mining sector throughout the years.

ADO Barite Morocco’s activities started raw barite trade in 2012 and continued with the production plant that was completed in 2013 in the Jorf Lasfar industrial zone, south of El Jadida, the coastal city of Morocco, with a total area of 19,930 m2. By the end of 2016, the total annual production capacity of the plant has been increased to 150,000 tons.


                                            Baraka Mining - Company - Mining Activities

ADO Barite Morocco has become a partner with Baraka Mining Company, a barite mine site operator, in 2016 in order to ensure the sustainability of quality production and expand its product range for use in different industries.

Baraka Mining Company geological surveys, prospecting and drilling works are carried out by teams with over 20-year experience in this field.

Baraka Mining Company is granted Mining Licenses in two locations and Exploration Licenses in four locations.

•    FOUM ZGUID 1 – Mining License
•    AIT FERSSI – Mining License
•    AGHLANE (FOUM ZGUID2) – Exploration License
•    ARGANA - Exploration License
•    ARGANA 2 - Exploration License
•    HOURIA - Exploration License